Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week Schedule

Holy Thursday

Morning Prayer (Laudes) at 8:30AM;

Mass of the Lord’s Supper (multilingual celebration) 7:30 PM;

Adoration of the Holy Eucharist until Midnight. Night Prayer at 11:40PM.

Good Friday

Morning Prayer (Laudes) at 8:30AM;

Stations of the Cross (English) 12:00 PM;

Good Friday

Service of the Lord’s Passion (English) 12:30 PM; Via Crucis Viviente 3:30 PM;

4:00 PM Divina Misericordia;

4:30 PM Servicio de Viernes Santo de la

Pasión de Nuestro Señor;

Good Friday Service (Vietnamese) 8:30 PM

Holy Saturday

Morning Prayer

(Laudes) at 8:30AM

Easter Vigil

7:30 PM

Easter Sunday

8:30 PM English; 10:0 0 AM English;

7AM Spanish; 12PM Spanish; 2PM Spanish;

4PM Vietnamese; No 6PM Mass


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